Llamma Hall of Shame

We get a lot of boxes here at Llamma that have seen better days and require our services.  Here's a few of the best of the worst.   This is meant to be humorous and educational at the same time. 


Epcot Solder In this photo you will find one of the most common mistakes made while installing a pin header.  You want to deliver the heat to the pin AND the ring at the same time and flow the solder around and into the joint.  The problem here was that the heat was only applied to the pin resulting in no connection being made to the actual LPC ring no matter how much solder is used.  This example is simply amazing!
That's HOT! As Paris Hilton would say.. "That's Hot".  I am not sure how this happened but I do know one thing.. there is never a reason for this much heat during ANY install.  The Xbox is a reasonably resilient piece of hardware but it has its limits.  If your using a mini butane torch iron, plumbers iron, soldering gun, spot welder or a oxyacetylene torch for soldering.. give up modding altogether.
Alrighty Then In this photo there is a lot wrong.  I believe the primary reason this did not go well and turned into a disaster was that there was not enough heat.  As you can see there are three pins all connected by solder which is very hard to do with solder that is in a proper liquid state.  The only way I can duplicate something like this is to turn my iron down far enough that the solder starts to melt a bit but is still mostly gel like.
Solder Stalagmites

Controlling your solder is very important when doing installations and repairs on complicated circuits like a Xbox motherboard.  I've seen many boards that were fragging due to solder splashes;  often times shorting multiple pins of chips and small components.  In this photo you can see solder in many places it shouldn't be including stuck to the insulator of a wire which is very difficult to do.
D0 - 3 Again.. Controlling your solder is very important.  When dealing with very small points make sure that you are only making connection to the point you are supposed to be soldering to.  Shorting more than one is a sure way to get a frag or a bad board.  In this case the installer connected three pads...funny enough D0 didn't even have continuity.
Wow, How? One more example of poor solder control and its a doosie.  I have to imagine this started out as a solder splash and got much worse..  Hopefully it wasn't a 128MB upgrade attempt.  Either way be careful about where your apply or splash solder or you will end up with a mess and a non working Xbox.

Moab Arch

This one is very creative.  After using to much heat and destroying the pads on the rebuild PCB the user made miraculous recovery by building a solder arch from one point to the other.. very amazing.  Unfortunately it was in vain because the connection at C7T3 had all kinds of solder but no actual connection.

How many Ohm?

Often times we see that people have accidentally knocked off resistors during a installation.  The function of a resistor is to control current between two points.  In this example a resistor was placed in a blob of solder over the two points creating a connection with no resistance like there should have been.

How many mistakes can you find?

This install takes the award for most mistakes in one job.  Can you find all of them?  Maybe I should say can you find anything right! 




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